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Civil Union LLC (tm)
The state of Vermont has joined a number of European countries in fashioning a system for gay couples which attempts to duplicate marriage. Vermont's system is called civil unions, in France it's PACS, it's registered partnerships in Scandinavia. 

What most of these systems have in common is that (a) they clearly establish that the relationship is an intimate/sexual one; (b) they, more or less, duplicate marriage by making each partner liable for the welfare of the other partner; and; (c) these systems are all basically not recognized outside of the state or Country which created the statutes. Based on the information we have, Vermont's civil union law has the most severe dissolution requirement in that the couples are required to engage in a formal divorce style proceeding in court in order to dissolve the civil union.

The advantages of a Relationship LLC (TM) over the above mentioned systems are that: (a) the parties in a Relationship LLC are NOT declaring a sexual relationship; (b) the parties in a Relationship LLC can decide how much and what resources they wish to share WITHOUT making themselves totally liable for each other's welfare; and (c) the Relationship LLC can be dissolved without a divorce-style proceeding in court. 

By creating a civil union in Vermont, a domestic partnership in California or by making use of some of the other partnership statues in other countries, partners have already forfeited the opportunity to limit their liability for each other's welfare and to NOT publicly declare a sexual relationship. However, it is still possible for such parties to make use of LLC law to achieve recognition of their relationships worldwide and to engage in business with limited liability.

A couple in a civil union can be regarded as married, since this was in fact the intent of the law. As a result, a couple in a Civil Union LLC (tm) would be able to achieve the same benefits and advantages that married couples receive from Family LLCs.

"Since the same sex marriage issue emerged courts and commentators have considered the various incidents of marriage that recognition of same sex marriage might entail. As the Vermont supreme court said in Baker, "the marriage laws transform a private agreement into a source of significant public benefits and protections." However, marriage is more contractible than might first appear. ...

All of the above categories except numbers 1, 2, 12, 13 and 14 are generally comparable to contractual rights, even if not strictly controlled by contract under current law. As discussed above regarding covenant marriage, the spouses can broadly contract for divorce rights, including spousal support, property division and liquidated damages, and might even be able to affect custody by contract. They can, of course, sue to enforce these rights. They can also contract for many inheritance rights or obviate these rights by inter vivos gifts. Although they may not get an automatic name change from marriage, they can petition for change of name. Finally, in addition to these rights are others explicitly available by contract, including employee benefits such as group insurance."  From "Calling A Truce In The Marriage Wars" F.H. Buckley & Larry E. Ribstein, Page 41 C. Unbundling Marriage

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Ultimate Pass Through Entity
People engaged in Computer Consulting and working as Independent Consultants know that there are many organizations claiming to function as low cost Pass Through Entities. 

The LLC is the ultimate NO COST pass through entity. With your own LLC, you OWN the contracts you get. This site provides resources for creating and managing the Free Agent LLC (tm) (Free Agent LLP (tm)) and also provides an interactive directory of temp agencies and consulting firms specializing in information technology .

With a limited liability company, computer consultants, programmers and other IT professionals can also compete for outsourcing deals and contracts. 

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The Relationship LLC (TM)

Now There Is A New Way To Tie The Knot. It is our position that limited liability companies, "LLCs", may prove to be the new marriage model. Marriage is presently available only to one man and one woman. LLCs are available to everyone, couples (of any sexual mix) who wish to pursue life together, a single parent family and groups of friends. Marriage is based on family law, limited liability companies are based on partnership law and the legal arrangement its "members" agree to.

Relationship LLC  (RLLC™) is a mark we created to refer to limited liability companies created by people who generally are not married but who want a legally recognized relationship between them. A relationship which would be a legal entity that could buy property, provide health insurance to its members, obtain credit cards, serve as the couple's consulting company (Put Your Relationship LLC To Work), lease a car, file a tax return as a partnership and in general, engage in any legitimate business.  Delaware Law also permits one person to create a LLC, i.e., single member LLCs.  It is logical to expect that a group or a family would form a Posse LLC (tm) to further the collective welfare and interests of the group.  Posse LLC is the mark we created to refer to social and professional associations formalized under LLC law.  

Relationship LLCs , by definition, cannot be created in an attempt to "legitimize" or obtain "state recognition of" a sexual arrangement (Gay or Straight) and cannot be used for an illegal, immoral, or unethical purpose.

Reportedly, half of all conventional marriages will end in divorce.  Several states are investigating ways of making marriages more stable.   Some of the remedies being investigated are counseling before marriage and marriage contracts which do not allow for divorce. 

It is our position that the way to strengthen marriage is to eliminate SEX as a component of the contract, the parties contracting should be able to handle sex without the state's assistance.  There is no real need for the state to be in the business of promoting contracts for sex.  There is clearly a benefit to be gained from the state promoting responsibility and stable relationships between people who care about each other, there is also a benefit to be gained from NOT having the welfare of children at the mercy of the current institution of marriage.

We feel it is important to point out that children are NOT parties to the marriage contract. MARRIAGE, therefore,  is not synonymous with FAMILY.   With LLCs, children may be parties (i.e members) of the LLC, and the LLC, which is composed of all members of the family and all assets in common, may survive intact the break-up of the marriage between the mother and the father.

Invoking the feminist writer Martha Fineman, American University law professor Nancy Polikoff argues that organizing society around sexually connected people is wrong; the more central units are dependents and their caretakers." Fenton Johnson, Wedded To An Illusion, Harpers November 1996.

In Arabia at the time of Mohammed, the word for marriage was Nikah, which literally meant sexual intercourse. In the Koran it was also used to mean a contract. Marriage thus was conceived of as a contract for sexual intercourse. (Fustel de Coulanges 1973, 89-90, 107; Bullough 1974, 67, 141; Snodgrass 1980, 79)."   Comparative Family Systems", The Course Sociology/Anthropology 495, by Dr. Judy Maynard

The Delaware Strategy.  Delaware is the Official Home of Relationship LLCs. With all RLLCs being formed in Delaware, we believe that it would be possible to standardize tax and legal information and provide for support which all may be able to share at a much reduced cost. Delaware is The Corporate Choice

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The Limited Liability Company

The Limited Liability Company (LLC)" is an exciting new business structure that has the pass-through tax benefit of a partnership and the "limited liability" protection of a corporation. We believe that the LLC will revolutionize relationships (see Relationship LLC) and the workplace.

Limited Liability Companies are not taxed when classified as a partnership, rather the members pay tax, at the personal income rate, on the money which they receive from the limited liability company. An LLC can be viewed as a partnership which has the advantage of a corporation in that the members/partners are not liable for the debts of the LLC, nor are they liable to each other.

LLCs are recognized by all fifty states, the federal government and internationally.

"The origin of this relatively new institution is generally attributed to the German Law of 1892, authorizing the Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung...Once established in Germany, the concept of the LLC had a very active and fast growth... Within a short period of time after enactment in Germany, the following countries joined the limited liability bandwagon: Portugal (1917); Brazil (1919); Chile (1923); France (1925); Turkey (1926); Cuba (1929); Argentina (1932); Uruguay (1933); Mexico (1934); Belgium (1935); Switzerland (1936); Italy (1936); Peru (1936); Columbia (1937); Costa Rica (1942); Guatemala (1942); and Honduras (1950). 13 Univ Pitt L Rev 193 (1952)."

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US Relationship Business Entities (tm)

Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs) and Family Limited Liability Companies (FLLCs) are estate planning tools which have been used by tax attorneys and estate planners to lessen the tax exposure of high income married couples.   These tools are significantly different from Relationship LLCs (which are intended to be new startup businesses for generating income).  The FLPs and FLLCs involve having the members/partners transfer significant assets to these family business structures, a practice which we do not recommend for Relationship LLCs.

There are complex tax and legal issues related to assets of married couples with children and their being in a partnership or LLC together.  This is why most authorities argue that an attorney is needed; further it may cost thousands of dollars to have such business entities created properly.  On the other hand, a Relationship LLC is simply a startup with only "seed" funds invested in it, it is much simpler than a FLLC, and in the event the RLLC is dissolved only the "seed" money is "at risk".  Many people create startup businesses without an attorney.  CLICK HERE for Graphic of FLLC V RLLC.

The terms "Family Limited Partnerships", "FLPs", "Family Limited Liability Companies" and "FLLCs" have been used for many years by tax attorneys and estate planners and are believed by us to be public domain (we have, however, copyrighted material using these terms). We are building a web site devoted to married couples who remain interested in FLLCs and FLPs, the site is FLLC.NET (TM). CLICK HERE

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Domestic Partners Under LLC Law

It is possible to use a "common law" LLC as a do it yourself domesticpartners program.

In the U.S., each state and the District of Columbia has created LLC law. People are entitled to create LLC operating agreements and formation papers and file those papers with the state. This is the formal LLC formation procedure setforth by the states.

In order to determine if a Relationship LLC is right for you and your partner(s), you can follow all of your state's requirement for creating a LLC except for the final step of filing the formation papers with the state. Relationship, L.L.C. will recognize your relationship as a LLC. This is Relationship LLC's Domestic Partners Program (tm). Your relationship may purchase a vanity email address to the Domestic Partners.Net domain name and join Relationship LLC's Synetergy Network (tm), an affiliate program for people who do not want to manage their own Synetergistic web sites. Of course, you may elect to create and manage your own free commercial web site making use of Synetergy (tm), most affiliate networks do not require that you be a registered business nor have a business tax id.

It is our hope that, after experiencing what it is like to be in and manage a Relationship LLC, you will file your formation papers with your state within one year of the date you create your formation papers. This program is a product of our religious beliefs and is intended to promote social order by (a) supporting conventional marriage as a non-discriminatory contract between one man and one woman; and (b) by providing persons who choose not to (or who are unable to) marry with a method of obtaining the same rights and benefits as married couples.

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Infrastructuring (tm)

Employers have many labor options available to them. Employers may hire employees directly as "permanent" at-will employees, employee-leasing, use temporary and contract labor and outsource functions entirely. We believe that outsourcing work to an in-house independent employee-owned labor pool or Support LLC (tm) is the best possible labor solution. In addition, by way of an equity stake in the Support LLC, your company can have a shared investment in the success of this independent labor pool and achieve additional cost savings. 

So called "permanent" employment is legally classified as Employment-At-Will. Legally this means that the employment contract can be terminated at any time by either party for any reason (more or less). In other words "permanent" employment is minute to minute (or second to second) and there is no contractual guarantee or implication of a long term relationship by either the employer or the employee.

The Republican Party has made it its mission in life to preserve employment-at-will and to protect the employer's right to fire employees-at-will at any time for any reason; the federal government only requires that if an employer is going to fire a lot of employees-at-will, that it give legal notice in advance. As far as we know, every Court in the country has refused to allow statements in employment handbooks and/or oral promises by the employer to be used to transform employment-at-will into employment for a specified duration (i.e to transform the employment relationship from being at-will into the employment being a property interest).

You are not an employee at will if you have a contract to work for a specified duration or you are a government worker. In these types of employment, your job is considered a property interest. What this means is that your job is property (something you own) and therefore your job cannot be taken away unless your employer first accords you due process of law.

Temps are employees-at-will just like "permanent" employees, both types of employment are minute to minute and there is no implied guarantee of long-term employment. Permanent employees are merely suffering from a grand delusion, whereas Temps know that they may not have a job tomorrow. Health benefits, retirement, etc. are merely part of the compensation (and should be taxed as such). I doubt that anyone would say that a permanent secretary making $12.00 per hour with benefits is better off than a temp making $50.00 per hour with no benefits. The fact is that Temps and Consultants are subsidizing "permanent" employees because "permanent" employees get compensated in the form of employment benefits which aren't taxed.

An employer on Long Island once promised to pay new hires $5,000 a year as a signing bonus. The $5,000 was to be reduced by a certain percentage a year until it became zero. It was argued in court by a discharged employee that it would have taken more than 200+ years for that $5,000 to become zero and that therefore the employment relationship was not "at-will", i.e. that the employment was for a specified duration and a "property interest". A federal judge refused to allow this argument and held that even with the promise of compensation for 200+ years, the employment was still at-will. This is typical of courts in the US, employment-at-will is a US institution, it is sealed in stone and the US is the only major industrialized county in which the majority of workers are employees at will.

Employment for the majority of workers in the US is government by their state's Master Servant Clause. The Master Servant Clause holds that employment, unless contractually stipulated to otherwise by the parties in a written contract, is At-Will and that the employment contract may be terminated at any time for any reason by either party.

As a result, the unemployment rate in the United States could technically be nearly 100% in 90 days because there is no legal barrier to employers firing all at-will employees if they choose to. Clearly, Employment-At Will Is A Threat To The National Security Interest of The United States.

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Other Relationship LLC Websites


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The EmployeeLess (tm) Firm

Employers have many labor options available to them. Employers may: (a) hire employees directly as "permanent" at-will employees;(b) employers may use employee-leasing services; (c) employers may use temporary and contract labor;and (d)outsource functions entirely.

We believe that outsourcing work to an in-house independent employee-owned labor pool or Support LLC (tm) is the best possible labor solution available today. In addition, by way of an equity stake in the Support LLC, your company can have a shared investment in the success of this independent labor pool and achieve additional cost savings .

Relationship, L.L.C. proposes to create, staff and train employee-owned LLCs that would be able to operate as Support LLCs (tm) within your company. For example, mail room functions, copy centers, word processing and graphic centers and entire IT Departments may be outsourced to employee-owned Support LLCs and function as independent businesses / stores within your organization. This service is currently available in New York City only.

Contact info: Marion Paige, voice mail 1-877-550-6637 or at

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